What People Say About Acupuncture in Essex

The following testimonials have been given in writing with name and address supplied.

Ulcerative Colitis

For the past 3 years + I have suffered ulcerative colitis and have been looking to improve my condition and minimise the use of drugs including steroids.  Acupuncture has greatly reduced my sysmptoms of pain and discomfort and frequency of visits to the toilet – so much so that my use of prescribed drugs has already been reduced by 40% – and I hope will reduce further as I continue my Acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture makes me feel in control of  Ulcerative Colitis rather than the condition controlling me.


I suffered for 10 years with severe ulcerative colitis, with almost constant flare ups. This consisted of loose bowels, constant diarrhoea, urgency for the bathroom, blood and mucus in stools. My gastroenterologist could only give me medication such as steroids to ease my condition, but this brought with it many side effects such as change in body shape, moon face, arthritis and osteoporosis.  My friend’s mother suffered with ulcerative colitis and swore she was helped by acupuncture. I was very keen to try it for myself.

I think it was about 3 months that I noticed a huge difference in my overall health and wellbeing.

I was able to eat and keep the food in without losing it straight away. I felt comfortable to start going out again. I felt I had a lot more energy, as I had been constantly tired all the time.
Since I have been going to Acupuncture regularly, everyone has noticed my improved health . I rarely have a day off sick which is a big improvement. If I eat something that disagrees with me, rather than being ill for months and it triggered my colitis, I can now bounce back within a few days, like a normal healthy person.


I have been having sessions of Acupuncture for several months and have found it beneficial in many ways.  It is helping stabilise the colitis I have suffered from for many years with not si much distress and discomfort first thing in the morning.  There’s the odd bad patch but these seem less frequent.


Breast Cancer and Joint problems.

As a recovering cancer sufferer, it was recommended to me that I have Acupuncture to help with my rehabilitation. The treatment I received from Derek has been of the highest quality and has definitely helped with my recovery. This also included successful acupuncture treatment on my lower back, knee, thumb, arm and shoulder.


Sinus and Knee problems, weight loss.

I got a new lease of life from Acupuncture. After the first treatment, both knees improved, sinuses unblocked and my energy levels rose exponentially. As a result of following advice on lifestyle to the letter, I lost weight and felt so much better in every way. I can recommend acupuncture unreservedly and owe Derek a debt of gratitude.



Since my teens, I have always had an irregular menstrual cycle varying from 35-72 days and when I wanted to get pregnant had struggled to conceive.  Being reluctant to take strong fertility drugs I decided to try acupunture.

Over 4 months my menstrual cycle gradually became more regular settling around 30 days at which point I fell pregnant.  I definitely would recommend Acupuncture to anyone struggling with fertility.’


‘Thank you for the acupuncture Derek that I had alongside my IVF treatment.  Good news!  I’m pregnant.  Can’t thank you enough!’


‘Just to let you know I did a pregnancy test this morning and it has come back positive – so happy.  Thank you so much for everything you have done’.


Tennis Elbow

I had two sessions of Acupuncture aimed at reducing pain in my forearm (tennis elbow – epicondylitis) which I had had for 2 months following a week of digging out tree roots.

The sessions reduced the level of pain down to an ‘ache’ and with further rest had gone within a month.

The result I have experienced indicate to me that Acupuncture could help to reduce or eliminate pain in cases where a traditional medical approach has failed to deliver any improvement in the condition.



I have been having sessions of Acupuncture for several months and have found it beneficial in many ways.

It is helping stabilise the colitis I have suffered from for many years with not so much distress and discomfort first thing in the morning. There’s the odd bad patch but these seem less frequent.


Anxiety and Depression

Before Acupuncture, I was with the GP for Anxiety and Depression. I had no warmth in my body, no strength or energy.

Now I feel very warm, have got strength and lots of energy back. I feel more focussed and relaxed.



I have had a series of acupuncture sessions with Derek aimed at relieving sinus pain, a recurring problem for me. The sessions resulted in a substantial reduction in the feeling of pressure around the sinus area and in particular produced a feeling that my head was much clearer instead of feeling congested.



Arthritis in some joints can be overcome by replacement surgery but not when the neck is affected!

For a time I relied on painkillers but on the recommendation of a relative, I commenced a course of Acupuncture – the treatment of skilfully inserting and then withdrawing needles into precise locations in the body. This treatment with some associated exercises of the neck, changed a very painful and limited neck movement into the ability to move my neck from side to side with ease and confidence.

Top marks for the Acupuncturist whose skill has made life and movement so much better.


Arthritis of the knee

I was very sceptical about the benefits of Acupuncture but gave it a try when my arthritic knees became especially painful. After two treatments they were so much better and I have almost stopped the anti-inflammatory drug which normally I needed to keep me pain free.
Since then I have had further treatments for a variety of conditions and find that as well as helping to control my symptoms, my health has improved.
To anyone who is thinking about trying Acupuncture I would say, ‘ Give it a go – you have nothing to lose.’



I was recommended to try acupuncture by a friend.  I have been a sufferer of severe debilitating migraines for 51 years but with acupuncture I now have them under control. No longer am I plagued by them or struck down by them at the most inconvenient times.  The relief I have been given is something I have never known. I now have a life.


Back Pain

My wife who has acupuncture suggested I try acupuncture. With severe back pain, I hobbled into Derek’s treatment room aided by a walking stick and painkillers. After 3 weeks of once weekly treatment I was pain free and no longer required walking stick or painkillers.


Colon Cancer – Chemotherapy

Half way through a course of NHS chemotherapy for colon cancer, I was experiencing  numbness and tingling in my hands and feet (peripheral neuropathy), fatigue and low mood.

I decided to try traditional acupuncture with Derek Climpson. The acupuncture has greatly improved my symptoms and helped me regain a feeling of control and wellbeing.